Thermoplastic Cement Catalyst

Thermoplastic Cement Catalyst
Thermoplastic Cement Catalyst
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All White Manufacturing has developed a plastic additive which has the unique ability to modify cement.

USES: Thermoplastic Cement Catalyst is added to cement with water to modify the cement in a way that permits you to spray it on a gravel roof, allowing you to have a hard, clean, sound surface to apply the R400 system to. It also modifies cement  so it can be broomed or squeegeed on a tile roof to fill voids between tiles and locks them in to eliminate breakage caused by walking on the roof. It can also be brushed with a slurry broom or squeegeed on shingle roofs HIGHLY RECOMMENDED . Makes a clean sound surface to accept the R400 system.


Tile - 1 bag of white cement to 1 1/4 gallons of cement catalyst and water will allow you to slurry in 300 to 500 square feet of flat tile.

Gravel - 2 bags of gray cement, 2 bags of Calcium Carbonate/Clay to 2 1/2 gallons of cement catalyst and water will cover 250 square feet of gravel.

Advantages: Modifies cement so it can be applied in very thin coats or as a watery mix and still adhere and be hard without dusting or chalking off.

Precautions: Do not use when ambient temperatures are below 50 degress Farenheit. Application shall not commence during inclement weather or where precipitation appears imminent or freezing may occur prior to drying. Protect from freezing during shipment and storage. Close Containers after each use. Clean up spills with water. Make sure you stir or shake well before each use.

Packaging: Available in 5 gallon containers

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